Posted: November 5, 2011 in News
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Email Lockout

Striking faculty are being locked out of their email accounts and Blackboard courses.

Please tell us your story below in the comments.

  1. Rob Spahr says:

    I was locked out of my SIUC email account.

  2. Rob Spahr says:

    I was locked out of my SIUC email account.

  3. HD says:

    This is maddening and infuriating. I have to say that I feel like something was stolen from me. Those Blackboard accounts are MY courses. One of those courses, I’ve been fine tuning for three years, and now, I can’t even get to it. I’m worried about what will be changed in the class–grades? syllabus? If the syllabus is my intellectual property, is the Blackboard site for the class?

    But why are we shut out of these? What are they afraid of us doing? Do they want us to not contact our students? Really? I have another email account. I can use Facebook.

    Besides just creating frustration for us, by making it harder for us to contact our classes, what is the point of this? Why force people to do this now, making them work harder to inconvenience us? Why waste the money, the time, the effort?

  4. Elyse says:

    Like HD, I am most distressed by the Blackboard lockout which is my intellectual property and the artifacts of a lot of work, consideration, expertise over several semesters. While I have hard copies of those materials, the implications of this tactic seem no different than if a publisher took my name off a manuscript, handed to to someone else to ‘revise’ and proceeded to publication. This is precisely what was behind our discomfort with the original DL procedures.

  5. Jyotsna says:

    Before locking us out of Blackboard they inserted college deans as section designers. Was that meant to be a forewarning? They are laying claim to intellectual labor which is not their’s–my blackboard sites have my lecture notes besides interactive assignments. Well one thing is clear: Forget intellectual integrity if you wish to comply with this administration!

  6. Cade says:

    Today I was locked out of my SIUC account

  7. sascha says:

    This was the most disheartening aspect of the strike for me. My heart just sank when I saw that I can’t access anything. If they are working to lower morale, that did it at first, but in the end it just made me grit my teeth and dig in for the long haul. I am proud of our faculty and friends who are engaging in this strike, even as we are being blocked from our electronic lives.
    –Miriam Sobre-Denton

  8. Lisa Brooten says:

    I’m with Miriam here, and HD, in that I feel violated and even more disrespected than I did when the administration suggested I could be easily replaced by a substitute.

    And what did they think this would accomplish? The first thing I felt I had to do was let my global professional network know that I couldn’t be contacted at my e-mail and why. How else can I maintain my professional relationships? What about the students and alumni who need recommendation letters? Of course I had to provide people with an alternate e-mail. So now my contacts worldwide know what is happening here. I would not have had to do this had I not been locked out.

    Those making these decisions need a PR 101 class… oh, but wait! Are there faculty on campus to teach that? But no problem, even if there aren’t, there are lots of folks around who can take their place. I feel so much better now.

    What a way to further lower morale, further drag SIUC through the mud — and seriously beef up my fighting spirit simultaneously. See you on the picket lines.

    • David Gilbert says:


      I have found an easy way that my off campus email will go through to my students with siuc email.

      I simply attached a pdf file with the real message content.

      For Example – –

      Subject: party in vite
      Message: Welcome to my party. Open the attached pdf file.

      Please pass this info to all that could use it!

      David Gilbert

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