Petition supporting SIUC faculty has over 600 signatures!

Posted: November 5, 2011 in Commentary, Free Speech, News, Take Action, Testimonial
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Check it out. As of today, 614 folks, including alumni, faculty, regional residents and others who love SIUC signed the petition. Signers urge the Administration to negotiate; their comments express solidarity and much more:

“I support academic freedom and transparency.” “This is not an elementary school. SUBSTITUTES WILL NOT CUT IT! SIUC admins – it’s time to do the right thing. Solidarity from an alum.” “I would further like to express my indignation of this university’s attempts to stifle and block all expression of disagreement with the administration and solidarity with any unions, especially on forums like facebook.” “I know its hard for you to stay out of the classroom… SIU is nothing without its professors and it is time that the administration realized that.” “To the SIU Administration, I am disgusted with the way you have handled this situation. Not only have you mistreated and misrepresented your own employees, but you have also dismissed, deleted, and refused to partake in dialogue with your students and alumni. Learning to analyze critically and partake in discourse are two of the most important lessons I learned as an Undergraduate at SIUC, and now you are failing to do either.” “As an alum and new faculty member at another institution, I stand with the faculty of SIUC.”

Check out the PETITION link above for more comments, and sign the petition if you support a fair settlement that guarantees financial accountability.

  1. Cathy Talbott says:

    Word to the FA. Keep reaching out to the community at large in Southern Illinois. Your points are not being made loudly outside of C’dale. Get on all radio shows you can and find some sympathetic news person and keep it in peoples livingrooms on evening news if possible.

    • occupysiuc says:

      Thanks for the heads up, Cathy. I’ve tweeted out your tip to our followers and will make sure to keep spreading the message to other FA members and folks I’m in contact with.

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