remix project

The original remix project was going to be a kino fist style edit supporting the occupy wall street movement. The strike at siu changed my focus. An associate dean was running our class. I had assumed that she would be in our section meetings. Instead of working on the “kino fist” production, I put this together to speak directly to the lack of leadership that we see in the current administration.

The problem in the classrooms is that we cannot speak our minds about these issues, because the people that are present are administrators – ready to label anyone that disagrees as a trouble maker.

Dr. Goldman spoke of “teachable moments”. These strike discussion are perfect for teachable moments. Unfortunately, the administrator that ran our class was quick to start judging people. Her first observation was to start labeling people that sit in the front, middle and back of the class. “Oh look you are ready to run out of here!” she commented on someone at the back of the class. That person actually did leave before the class was over. Half the class walked out.

The las meninas segment of the movie is meant to speak to the idea that people should consider themselves royalty. Our capitalist – corporate culture has been successful in loosening the connection between people and their values. Money is the value that determines all other values. When people imagine themselves as royalty, they give themselves permission to imagine their greatness within the context of a kingdom, of something that is even greater than nationalistic pride. There is also a connection to the mystical power that connects faith to the crown. These are human values that connect us to our imaginative, childlike selves.


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