From three FA members about the Southern Illinoisan and their experiences on the picket lines:

“”Voice of The Southern: Go to work, or get out!”
A perfect example of why, when I was asked what The Southern could do to get me to resubscribe, I replied “hire a new editor.”
Best Quote from this “Voice”
“Leave the faculty strikers out in the cold. The world soon will lose interest and any courtroom tactics they pursue will consume years. Some won’t live to see the end of the legal battle. Maybe they can tough it out with their pickets, clenched fists and tough talk. But don’t bet on it.””

“Sounds like a plan Mr. Metro. Let’s see, don’t ask if justice is served, just let them die off as they get tangled up in the legal system. This sounds like a blueprint for any and all social or economic problems, like discrimination say, or factory tainted drinking water.”

“This is my favorite part: “For anyone driving Thursday on U.S. 51 near Southern Illinois University the sight of pickets at the campus’ main entrances was both historic and emotional. Striking faculty got salutes and toots of the horn from supporters, but a larger group of motorists responded with silent stares or insulting hand gestures.””

“I picketed at 51 on Thursday. During the brief time that I was there, there was exactly one rude hand gesture, and literally hundreds of supportive honks. I guess editorial writers don’t have a responsibility to get the facts.”

“I was on 51 on both Thursday and Friday and Pleasant Hill on Thursday. I saw or heard from a trustworthy source about 2 birds and heard hundreds of honks myself.”


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