The SIUC FA strike is not the only resistance movement happening in Carbondale right now.

Occupy Carbondale has been holding a space on SIUC campus for over 3 weeks now 24/7. Individuals and classes come by often to discuss the Occupy Movement with us. Several occupiers have spoken in classes on campus. We have done teach-ins on Buckminster Fuller, Lakoff’s ideas on framing, and nonviolence. We have helped the Beyond Coal campaign with a petition drive. We march with the Southern IL Peace coalition. We have started Occupy Hunger Southern Illinois. We are currently supporting the Faculty Association in its strike. We held a public showing “V for Vendetta.” We are a hub for activism and democratic disussion in Southern Illinois. If you would like to see us do more things (or different things), JOIN US!!!!! You can participate in person or online. All are welcome.

Learn more about Occupy Carbondale.


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