Jyotsna Kapur connects the dots.

  1. Craig Gingrich-Philbrook says:

    I want to thank Prof. Jyotsna Kapur for taking this stand. I am so proud to teach at the same university as such a committed educator. Her analysis in this video brought home for me the importance of qualified instructors, capable of this kind of insight in the classroom. Anyone who has a story to tell about “qualified substitutes” they encountered in the classroom can email them to occupysiuc@gmail.com. Doing so helps document the impact of the strike.

    Additionally, because the Board of Trustees is seeking the right to selectively discipline strikers for exercising their legal rights to speak up like this, the Faculty Association still needs your support. Even if you have called before, you can call again and urge the administration to go the rest of the way to a fair contract and back to work agreement that doesn’t authorize what amount to witch hunts and reprisals for striking faculty. Call Board of Trustees 618-536-3357; Chancellor Cheng 618-453-2341; President Poshard 618-536-3331.

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