“I don’t want ‘points’! I want to LEARN!”

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Business As Usual, Testimonial
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From an ACsE member who picketed in support of the FA outside Anthony Hall on her break:

“We also had several students stop by and ask sincerely interested questions about what was going on. The general attitude of those students ranged from confusion to annoyance at the non-information contained in the Chancellor’s emails to outright anger at the insulting and condescending tone, and even threatening tone, of some of them. They did NOT appreciate the implication that the school will be imposing some sort of attendance policy midway through the semester that their professors didn’t use from the beginning. One mortuary science student who had come here from Washington State b/c we have a good program in his field was furious b/c he went in to Anthony to tell Cheng how frustrated he was at not having his labs & classes, and the person he spoke to told him he shouldn’t worry about it b/c as long as he continues to go to class, he’ll get his “points.” He said, “I don’t want ‘points’! I want to LEARN! Employers aren’t going to care about points and attendance if I don’t know what I need to know to do the job!””


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