No Longer Just a Labor Dispute!

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Free Speech, News, Take Action
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No Longer Just a Labor Dispute!
Hundreds of students protest in solidarity with the striking faculty at SIUC. It was truly amazing to hear the chants of “Free Speech” and “No More Censorship.” If the administration is reading this blog… take note… this is no longer just a labor dispute. I heard students today planning for another demonstration tomorrow, same time, same place. A student was speaking with the help of the ‘Human Microphone’ and suggesting that “the faculty dispute is only one problem in an entire sea of problems” and that the newly awakened student energy can be used to facilitate change.

  1. bamabob says:

    Keep up the pressure students! I know the faculty are glad to have you working with them. Faculty, keep the faith, stand strong. With all of you working together, the future of SIUC is assured!
    Bob Jenkot class of ’91, ’97, & ’05

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