SIUC Apologizes, Does Not Admit Censorship and Continues to Block Students

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Free Speech, News
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Recently, the SIUC apologized for disabling comments on their Facebook page. The university is insisting they disabled comments because contributions were rude and included attacks. They are not acknowledging that the initial censorship was about eliminating opposing views and questions about the strike. In today’s article in the DE, spokesman Rod Sievers says, “To my understanding, we were taking down personal attacks, the over-the-top stuff.” Students who were initially censored are still blocked from participating on the SIUC facebook page. Students across campus have proof in their own screen captures that tell a different story about the facebook censorship. If you have s a story to tell, a screen capture, an opinion or another contribution please do so here:

  1. Zach says:

    I know I would love to post some sort of screen capture to their Facebook page showing that they are liars, but there are two reasons why I won’t. The first is reason is because I am still blocked from commenting or liking anything, even though in their most recent post they say people are now allowed to do so. The second reason is because more than likely the screen capture will just be deleted from their page. In their most recent status, they are basically saying that they won’t censor posts as long as they go along the opinions of the University and the moderator of the page. That is why I think it would just get deleted anyway. I am glad this page has been setup so us current students, and past one as well, can voice their opinions on the issue.

  2. Donnie Laur says:

    If the number of people who said that they were banned is true, it would take time to unban them. Give them a day.

  3. Donnie Laur says:

    Just to follow up, unbanning isn’t an easy process in facebook. You have to hunt through scores of fake accounts to find the actual people. On a large fb page, banning is done daily to a lot of accounts that are fake people and spammers. Therefore, to unban quickly you have to have either kept a very good list of people that were banned via paper, or hunt and search and look at each account to make sure that the people are real. My suggestion is that all people with a facebook account that were banned, should respond on this page via their fb account that they need access restored. Keep a running list. I can see that Zach’s access has already been restored.

  4. Heather says:

    I was finally unblocked and my comment has not been removed yet. Here’s hoping it doesn’t! My original comment that night was that I was a prospective student and the comments shouldn’t be censored. I said that they should listen to the students. I didn’t think that was a babd comment at all!

  5. Chris says:

    My original post was as follows ” “I can not believe that SIUC is censoring students like communist China!”

    I do not under stand his this is “inappropriate because they contained crude language or attacks of a personal nature”?

  6. I posted a relatively neutral post about how the students should be stopping these childish actions by acting as consumers. That is all we are to the administration, and if they want to make this an issue of money the best way to “bargain” with them is to demand refunds for affected classes.

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