SIUC Apologizes for Facebook Censorship

Posted: November 7, 2011 in News
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A recent posting on SIUC’s Facebook page begins:

As you may have noticed, a few days ago, we temporarily disabled the comments feature. For this, we owe you an apology and explanation. A few evenings ago we began receiving a large number of posts related to a recent labor dispute involving one of our four unions on campus. Our faculty, students, alumni, and supporters are spirited and passionately committed to the success of our students and university, and we know that this sentiment is at the core of all of these posts. However, a number of posts contained content that we deemed inappropriate because they contained crude language or attacks of a personal nature. Due to the high volume of posts and that the posts were coming in the early morning hours, it became impossible

for our moderator to monitor comments that we deemed inappropriate or disrespectful.

The comments on this post are very informative as to the community’s opinion of this statement.


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