Students Plan Rally and Strike, Monday the 7th

Posted: November 7, 2011 in News, Take Action
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As students we are trapped in the middle between going to classes and supporting our teachers. We may not all be able to join our professors on the picket line for a week, but we can definitely spare a day. If the strike continues until Monday show your solidarity with the FA by boycotting your classes.

Picket. Pray. Party. Just don’t go to class.
(but if you absolutely can’t miss classes, at least come to the rally)

The rally will be at 3:30pm at the Free Forum Area outside of Anthony Hall.

We are looking for volunteers to help round up the troops by chalking around campus, posting flyers, and some creative flash-mob-type in-class announcements. If interested in being on one of these teams, please send a message to one of the admins.

Before the rally come join us on the picket line! Students are welcome at any picketing location.

**Update: We’ll be meeting at Anthony Hall at 3:30 as before, then going around campus, picking up picketers as we go. We’ll end up at the Chatauqua and Oakland site at around 4pm.**

You can find more information on facebook at:!/event.php?eid=230710836991504

  1. […] Some students have called for a student strike today (Monday) to shut down the school in solidarity with the striking faculty. A community strike […]

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