Parents Support Faculty and Demand a Fair Contract

Posted: November 8, 2011 in News, Quotes, Testimonial
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Over the last five days, students, alumni, friends, parents and colleagues from across the country have signed the petition to support SIUC faculty. They have left comments with their signature and expressed opinions in the most beautiful way. One particular group has expressed serious concerns with how the administration is conducting “business as usual.” Hard-working parents hopeful for their children’s future are supporting the faculty on campus. Here are a few examples of what they have to say:

“My daughter went to her Math class yesterday and the person teaching it yesterday, came in and said “I know nothing about Math, so we are going to read an article and have a test on it tomorrow.” I’m not paying thousands of dollars for her not getting her education. Plus last week, 2 of her classes were canceled because of no teacher.” – Beth Coulter

“As a teacher, fellow IEA member, and also a parent of an alum, I am appalled at how the SIUC administration is treating their tenured and tenure track faculty. There is no reason for a strike – not when in this economy, there is no salary increase being demanded. What is being asked for by the FA is completely fair, responsible, and shows the necessary professionalism our university faculty should demonstrate. One can only hope the administration would do the same.” – Lindy Hiatt

“The administration has been getting away with this kind of behavior far too long and it hurts the campus by driving faculty away. My son is a high performing high school senior and I will not allow him to consider SIUC until I see a change.”- Steven J. Dick, Ph.D.

“My daughter and son-in-law both attend SIU. I have good friends that are now on the picket line. I am just 1 person with that many people affected by this! This sounds a lot like Obama transparency, none!” -Judy Fox Hoepker

“We support the Faculty Association and your fundamental issues of transparency and accountability. Both my husband and daughter attended SIU. My husband and I have been teachers and involved with collective bargaining process for years. We are now retired, but always willing to support a just cause like yours. Solidarity!” – Donna K. Brown

Have your parents signed the petition?

  1. Elyse says:

    My son turned down a full 4 year scholarship to SEMO to accept a partial scholarship at SIUC because of the quality of its faculty and their dedication to students. The administration’s current treatment of faculty through public demonization, punitive & threatening emails, and declarations of “qualified” substitutes while the opposite has been clearly documented constitute a failure to educate in the manner which our tuition (and taxpayer) dollars warrant.

  2. Joe Davis says:

    My daughter and Son in law attend SIU. I cannot get much information from administration, as they would not talk without their consent, forms to be filled out is hard from a distance. I support the fauclty and the students. All I read from the administration seems demonizing, distorted, and not in the spirit of resolving the conflict.

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