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Posted: November 8, 2011 in Context, Quotes
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Chancellor Cheng’s version:

“7. Back to Work Agreement – Neither the University nor the Association shall retaliate against any employee or student who participates or refrains from participating in the strike. The University will not agree to reimburse the lost wages or benefits for any Faculty member participating in the strike.”

quoted from wsiltv.com

FA’s version:

“Back to work agreement. The Board’s punitive back to work proposal is an insult to the faculty exercising their legal right to strike under Illinois law. Particularly insulting are the Board’s broad implications that faculty have been engaging in threats and misconduct during the course of the strike. Inflammatory language will only inflame tensions on campus. The FA believes that an important goal for a back to work agreement is to build a better relationship between the faculty and the administration.”

quoted from the FA blog


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