Why the strike matters today and tomorrow…

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Commentary, Context, News
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Why this matters, from Randall Auxier: “Heads to the picket line. Having read the Chancellor’s last missive, I can confirm that it is accurate as far as it goes. It’s what she’s not saying about their language that’s the problem. If we sign… off on their language, they will have the contractual power to furlough us every year from now on, and we will essentially lose our lawsuit against the university for illegally imposing furloughs this past year. We cannot contractualize this irresponsible and destructive practice (furloughs) at SIUC. Their language also empowers them to use any kind of pictures or recordings of the strike to discipline anyone who was on strike, but they don’t define discipline as retaliation. We have to keep going until they see reason.”


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