Alumni Support Faculty and Demand a Fair Contract

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Some of the most vocal and passionate supporters of the strike have been alumni. Having the holistic SIUC experience and going out into the world to navigate their careers, alumni have a perfect vantage point to speak about the valuable aspects of their time on campus. These are some of the comments left on the petition:

“As a former Saluki and a present member of the SIU Alumni Association, I strongly support the Faculty Association in their efforts to negotiate a fair and transparent contract.”-Eric Morris

“I am an alumnus of the university and think that the faculty are the heart and soul of an institution. The administration should be ethical and fair in their dealings with faculty.”-Keith Massie

“It is incumbent on the SIUC administration to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning. That must begin with qualified and engaged faculty. Your unwillingness to bargain with the FA diminishes SIUC as an institution and imperils its future, as it cheats current students out of the education they deserve – and paid for. It is the responsibility of the administration to ensure students have access to a quality education, or they will choose another outlet. It is time to come to the table for an open and frank discussion, with the focus on what is best for the students, and bargain fairly with the FA.”-Candy Goulette

“I have earned and paid for 3 degrees from SIUC. I support the SIUC Faculty. I urge to the administration to be fair and transparent.”-Marv Allen

“Graduated magna cum debt-free in 2010 with 2 BAs and the best education I could ask for. The faculty at SIU are incredible and helped me achieve so much. They deserve so security in their profession at the very least.”-Kiri Palm

“As an SIUC alumnus, I am appalled and dismayed at the treatment the faculty and graduate unions have received and I fully support their decision to stand ground against a lack of accountability on the part of the administration. This university was my community, my home for nearly 10 years as I worked on two degrees, and I am saddened by the recent events that have left the faculty and students (people I love and call friend) displaced due to carelessness and concern only for its own best interest. This is not about money. This is about who is accountable for the distribution of money throughout the university. Make clear where the money goes and you will have a solid, trustworthy educational institution of integrity instead of what it has become: a palate of run-down buildings where people feel mislead, lied to, and ultimately unnecessary. Trust me when I say that you cannot teach everything online.” -Whitney Johnson

“If admin doesn’t settle over weekend, I will be in Carbondale to take down my picture off the wall at the student center. Who’s with me? Alumni solidarity with our teachers!”-Raphi Rechitsky

“I used to be proud to consider myself in SIUC Alum, but I won’t continue to support a college that alienates it’s faculty.”-Nicole Bohr

“I am a SIUC graduate and regular contributor to the Communications Dept. fundraisers, but I will be writing no more checks until the administration settles with the FA.“-Charles McBarron

“I am a former student and grad student of SIUC. I proudly hold a PhD in Performance Studies through the Department of Speech Communication. What has always set SIU apart from other research institutions, for me, are faculty members unflagging support and concern for their students, even above their own welfare. I am dismayed that this administration would risk that dynamic simply to obscure the mechanisms of personnel processes. Please work quickly to return these excellent educators to the classroom. Don’t risk that intangible element that makes SIU so special.”-Sharon Bebout Carr

“I received my Bachelors and Masters at SIUC, worked at SIU after I graduated as a Master Teacher @ CDL. Rita, you sadden my heart. Stop union busting and look out for you faculty and students. Stop trying to get rid of Tenure. Also, Rita if you are reading this. I know who built your extravagant home. I somehow feel your tenure track faculty don’t have the same home as you. I support SUIC tenure faculty 100%!”-Tammy Davis

“To the SIU Administration, I am disgusted with the way you have handled this situation. Not only have you mistreated and misrepresented your own employees, but you have also dismissed, deleted, and refused to partake in dialogue with your students and alumni. Learning to analyze critically and partake in discourse are two of the most important lessons I learned as an Undergraduate at SIUC, and now you are failing to do either. You disgust me. By the way, until Cheng is gone you won’t be getting a dime from me as an alumni.” -Nathan Franklin

“As a third-generation alum of SIUC, I am very disappointed in the administration of the school right now. I support the faculty’s strike. I will not be sending any alumni checks to SIUC until there is a fair contract.”-Beverly Whalen-Schmeller

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