“Lies of Convenience” – Student Testimony

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Business As Usual, Commentary, Free Speech

  1. DHT says:

    God wiling we are going to have contract for the faculty pretty quick here.

    But the thing that I am most concerned about is the way that through this entire process the administration time and time again has demonstrated that they are willing to lie to all of us in order meet their basic convenience, saying they censored facebook posts that were “vulgar “ or “threatening” when those facebook posts said things like “settle” is not true in any sense of the word. Maybe they censored some that were vulgar and offensive, but generally what they were censoring were things that did not agree with their perspectives.

    “And hopefully we will get a contract. But we need to do something to keep the administration honest, and telling us the truth. Otherwise, how are any of us supposed to engage in negotiations or trust that our school is going to operate the way it said it was going to operate? Because they are willing to practice lies of convenience whenever they want. And that’s terrifying.

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