San Jose State University Faculty Strike… University claims classes will be conducted as usual.

Posted: November 18, 2011 in News

Faculty strike but classes will be conducted as usual? Sure sounds familiar. A shout out in solidarity to the striking SJSU faculty from those of us at OccupySIUC!

The California Faculty Association, a bargaining unit representing all CSU faculty members, is planning to stage a one-day strike at CSU East Bay and CSU Dominguez Hills on Nov. 17. Some SJSU faculty members plan to participate in the CSUEB event.

How will this impact SJSU?

The CSU Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach conducts labor negotiations for all 23 campuses. Meanwhile, here at SJSU, we remain focused on our primary mission, teaching our nearly 30,000 students.

While it is difficult to predict with certainty, the one-day strike is expected to lightly impact San Jose State. Campus will remain open, and most classes will be conducted as usual.


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