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  1. Eunha Oh says:

    I want my wonderful professors back. Their participation in my committee is not something that can be replaced with a “substitute.”

  2. I want people to stop complaining and do their jobs, or step aside. Professors are just as replaceable as any other member of our society; and as much as it pains me to say it, I think that Wisconsin had it right when they curtailed teacher’s unions.

    • Cathy Talbott says:

      Matthew, Please find someone knowledgeable and educate yourself as to what the issues are. Do we really want people to just be replaceable? Without any rights? Do you know the history of this country and the sacrifices those that went before us had to make to just have the basic right to organize in our self interests and getting laws passed to protect that right? This is what is being taken away here. Michigan has a law that has given the right to corporate interests to privatize the commons and fire teachers in one fell swoop. Benton Harbor, MI has a dictator now that has rendered the mayor and city council powerless. The citizens can vote for their mayor and council members but the dictator does not allow them any power. What kind of society do we get when the people have no voice? Looks a lot like fascism to me.

  3. I think the last few days at SIU have proven your statement incorrect. It is obvious to anyone who has spoken to affected students that their professors can NOT just be replaced. The student strike solidarity marches have made it evident that THEY don’t feel their professors can just be replaced. Those relationships have been cultivated and are just as much a part of the learning experience as textbooks – in my opinion as a student, much more so. Attempting to replace beloved professors with substitutes tears down the interdependent relationship which has so far been built. The student/teacher relationship is so much more than just imparting book knowledge, and even that is not so easily replaced in many of the more specialized fields.

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  5. Rebecca Borah says:

    Hang tough SIU faculty! We’re behind you in Ohio. There is no substitute for faculty members with training and experience. Without shared governance there is no real education or academic freedom. SOLIDARITY!

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