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Meanwhile in Little Egypt, Part 4

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Art


meanwhile in little egypt, part 3

Thanks to the QueerillaCollective for making this video that addresses current issues happening at SIUC.

Board of Trustees 618-536-3357
Chancellor Cheng 618-453-2341
President Poshard 618-536-3331

I know I am not a teacher.

siuc strike comic

View the entire SIUC strike comic…

…results in free speech on campus
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substitute instructor: a life-size doll

A visiting professor from Mizzou scheduled to perform “The Masses Performing Bohemia” refused to cross the picket line. Instead, the performance happened ON the picket line in front of Anthony Hall.

performers from Mizzou in "The Masses Performing Bohemia" outside of anthony hall

A good-sized crowd gathered to watch.

crowd watches "the masses performing bohemia" outside anthony hall

Text by Kristi Brownfield. Images by Jessica Bradshaw.