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From a faculty member:

WBEZ, the NPR station in Chicago, ran a story today about Joe Paterno and Penn State. They have yet to run a story about SIU and the strike. So, I wrote this in response to them:

Hey, WBEZ, the last time I checked, Penn State was in Pennsylvania. Southern Illinois University is in Illinois and a majority the students at SIU are from Chicago. (How many Chicagoans are at Penn State?)

SIU had a week-long faculty strike, the first in the school’s history, and hundreds (some say thousands) of students, in three separate marches, on three different days, marched beside the striking faculty. What else happened? The university censored its Facebook page and then blocked anyone who wrote anything that challenged the Administration. Striking faculty were electronically shut out of their emails, and online sites that contained their course materials. And the administration fought furiously to undermine tenure and all that it means. But none of this is important, is it? Because it’s not about a football coach in another state. Shame on you, WBEZ. Here’s a site where you can begin your journey to southern part of the state.

The media should be reporting on the powerful actions by the students of SIUC. Let’s pressure them to do so.


SIUC Students communicate their thoughts out side the window of President Glenn Poshard meeting with the Board of Trustees.

Thanks to the QueerillaCollective for making this video that addresses current issues happening at SIUC.

Board of Trustees 618-536-3357
Chancellor Cheng 618-453-2341
President Poshard 618-536-3331

Footage from the Southern Illinoisan.

No Longer Just a Labor Dispute!
Hundreds of students protest in solidarity with the striking faculty at SIUC. It was truly amazing to hear the chants of “Free Speech” and “No More Censorship.” If the administration is reading this blog… take note… this is no longer just a labor dispute. I heard students today planning for another demonstration tomorrow, same time, same place. A student was speaking with the help of the ‘Human Microphone’ and suggesting that “the faculty dispute is only one problem in an entire sea of problems” and that the newly awakened student energy can be used to facilitate change.

As students we are trapped in the middle between going to classes and supporting our teachers. We may not all be able to join our professors on the picket line for a week, but we can definitely spare a day. If the strike continues until Monday show your solidarity with the FA by boycotting your classes.

Picket. Pray. Party. Just don’t go to class.
(but if you absolutely can’t miss classes, at least come to the rally)

The rally will be at 3:30pm at the Free Forum Area outside of Anthony Hall.

We are looking for volunteers to help round up the troops by chalking around campus, posting flyers, and some creative flash-mob-type in-class announcements. If interested in being on one of these teams, please send a message to one of the admins.

Before the rally come join us on the picket line! Students are welcome at any picketing location.

**Update: We’ll be meeting at Anthony Hall at 3:30 as before, then going around campus, picking up picketers as we go. We’ll end up at the Chatauqua and Oakland site at around 4pm.**

You can find more information on facebook at:!/event.php?eid=230710836991504

The SIUC FA strike is not the only resistance movement happening in Carbondale right now.

Occupy Carbondale has been holding a space on SIUC campus for over 3 weeks now 24/7. Individuals and classes come by often to discuss the Occupy Movement with us. Several occupiers have spoken in classes on campus. We have done teach-ins on Buckminster Fuller, Lakoff’s ideas on framing, and nonviolence. We have helped the Beyond Coal campaign with a petition drive. We march with the Southern IL Peace coalition. We have started Occupy Hunger Southern Illinois. We are currently supporting the Faculty Association in its strike. We held a public showing “V for Vendetta.” We are a hub for activism and democratic disussion in Southern Illinois. If you would like to see us do more things (or different things), JOIN US!!!!! You can participate in person or online. All are welcome.

Learn more about Occupy Carbondale.

Check it out. As of today, 614 folks, including alumni, faculty, regional residents and others who love SIUC signed the petition. Signers urge the Administration to negotiate; their comments express solidarity and much more:

“I support academic freedom and transparency.” “This is not an elementary school. SUBSTITUTES WILL NOT CUT IT! SIUC admins – it’s time to do the right thing. Solidarity from an alum.” “I would further like to express my indignation of this university’s attempts to stifle and block all expression of disagreement with the administration and solidarity with any unions, especially on forums like facebook.” “I know its hard for you to stay out of the classroom… SIU is nothing without its professors and it is time that the administration realized that.” “To the SIU Administration, I am disgusted with the way you have handled this situation. Not only have you mistreated and misrepresented your own employees, but you have also dismissed, deleted, and refused to partake in dialogue with your students and alumni. Learning to analyze critically and partake in discourse are two of the most important lessons I learned as an Undergraduate at SIUC, and now you are failing to do either.” “As an alum and new faculty member at another institution, I stand with the faculty of SIUC.”

Check out the PETITION link above for more comments, and sign the petition if you support a fair settlement that guarantees financial accountability.

There will be an open meeting for ALL FACULTY, whether you are a FA member or not, SUNDAY at the Carbondale Civic Center, from 5-7pm. Everyone is encouraged to come to get the most up-to-date information about bargaining and the strike.